Due to being unable to deliver any educational sessions at the moment, we are temporarily making our KS2/3 lesson resources available for teachers, parents or anyone interested in learning about Geothermal energy in Cornwall. 

There is also an animation suitable for KS4 students, click here to view

Miss Molecules' Geothermal Mission

This is a lesson about Geothermal Energy!  Find out where our electricity comes from, why we need it, and the difference between renewable and non-renewable energies.

Meet Miss Molecule (a water molecule) who surfs her way down the wells far underground to collect heat from the Cornish granite, which is then used to generate electricity at the United Downs site near Redruth in Cornwall.

This lesson covers many aspects of the curriculum:

  • Energy (Renewable & Non-Renewable)

  • Science (Geology)

  • Climate Change

  • Technology

  • Geography

It can be used as a STEM/STEAM activity.

Best for KS2 & KS3 (ages 7-13)

Timings: 20 minutes (+ Independent research)

The recommended sequence of activities:

1.Watch Miss Molecules' Geothermal mission video 

2. Complete the worksheet (either print the PDF or download the word file)

3. Print out and cut the matching cards, the cards can be face down then matched individually or in teams (image to it's meaning).

4. Extra activities - Wordsearch/ Miss Molecule colouring in

Learn all about geothermal energy in Cornwall, and follow Miss Molecule to see how it works at United Downs!

Or play via YouTube: https://youtu.be/0-R0oqaQZm0

Match game.PNG

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Thank you, the UDDGP team

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